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Official Harvey Price Clothing Collection

Shop the Harvey Price clothing range. We have collaborated to launch a collection of unisex anti-trolling Harvey Price t-shirts to raise awareness of Harvey's Law. The Harvey Price clothing line is available in inclusive sizes, from small, medium, large, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL so you can support Harvey's Law no matter your gender or size. The collection has been designed in collaboration with Harvey Price, to create a range of inclusive clothing that makes a difference and raises awareness of Harvey's Law.

Stand up and speak out against online trolls. Shop the collection below with confidence and get free UK delivery when you spend over £60.


What Is Harvey's Law?

Harvey's Law is a proposed law which would make it illegal to troll or abuse others online. The movement, which also wants a registry of known trolls available to the public, aims to hold offenders accountable.

The petition garnered more than 220,000 signatures back in 2018, demanding the Government takes action against internet trolls. Since, Katie Price has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the movement and pass the law through parliament. 


Online bullying has a lot to answer for as it can directly affect our mental health and wellbeing. As amazing as social media can be to keep us connected to friends and family, a lot of people experience negative comments that are personal or even threatening. We believe in rising above the hate and spreading positivity wherever possible. We welcome people’s differences, we celebrate uniqueness. We say "Uptheir to the naysayers". That’s why we 100% back Harvey’s Law and are fighting to get online trolls prosecuted.


“We need to put an end to online bullying, by driving legislation to make it a criminal offence and hold offenders accountable. Thank you so much to every single person who supported this petition. It’s been a long road and we WILL make #HarveysLaw happen!” - Katie Price

15 Items

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  1. Asher All Over Print T-Shirt - Black
    Asher All Over Print T-Shirt - Black
    From £7.99 Price £29.99
  2. Asher All Over Print T-Shirt - Red
    Asher All Over Print T-Shirt - Red
    From £7.99 Price £29.99
  3. Get Serious T-Shirt - White
    Get Serious T-Shirt - White
    From £7.99 Price £29.99
  4. Get Serious Joggers - Black
    Get Serious Joggers - Black
    From £9.99 Price £29.99
  5. Get Serious Joggers - Red
    Get Serious Joggers - Red
    From £9.99 Price £29.99
  6. Get Serious Hoody - Black
    Get Serious Hoody - Black
    From £12.99 Price £41.99
  7. Get Serious Hoody - Red
    Get Serious Hoody - Red
    From £12.99 Price £41.99
  8. Get Serious T-Shirt - Red
    Get Serious T-Shirt - Red
    From £7.99 Price £29.99
  9. Get Serious T-Shirt - Black
    Get Serious T-Shirt - Black
    From £7.99 Price £29.99
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